Luxury headphones

BOSE SoundTrue

Sale: $200

Style Tag: American style refreshing oval earmuffs with headset remote control

BOSE Click here is a well-known American professional audio brand. There are many classic models of desktop audio, such as SoundLink mini Bluetooth speaker, a model of “small body, big taste”. Everyone knows American industrial design. It is relatively old and rough, and less elaborate. Fortunately, the materials used in the work are absolutely real and full. BOSE SoundTrue is a rare collection of headphones featuring the brand’s style. The colors are not too many, but they all have a personality, especially the relatively rare “Mint Green”.

Although it is made of plastic material, it is absolutely conscience, the bass is flexible, the sound field is wide, and the quality is worthy of the name BOSE. This earphone has two options: earmuff type and ear type. The former is more comfortable to wear, and the latter is more soundproof and can achieve a certain noise reduction effect. The remote control has an omnidirectional headset that can be used directly for cell phone calls. The headset package sent is also good.


Sale: $299

Style Tag: Electro-audio monitoring DJ joint verbs hits noise reduction


AKG’s new 67 series in 2013 cooperated with the famous electronic DJ TIESTO, which is divided into three grades: K67, K167, K267. We recommend mid-range K167, which is also the most cost-effective and beautiful appearance. TIESTO’s personal logo is used on the side of the earmuffs, and the 3D hinge can be easily flipped over. Unlike the American-style heavy-duty arcade, AKG’s low-frequency is more qualitative, round and full, flexible, and does not bomb the bass, making people feel depressed and sullen; it will not over-emphasize the bass and even sacrifice the medium-high frequency to destroy the overall balance. On the appearance, the K167 is not as colorful as the American headphones, but it is definitely cool.

The K267 is mainly equipped with an accent-adjustable function. The low-resonance unit is more powerful and can be said to be the ultimate in electro-acoustic headphones.

Alexander Wang x Beats by Dr. Dre

Sale: $589

Style Tag:

Alexander Wang x Beats by Dr. Dre

This co-branded collaboration series, launched in December 2013, raises the temperature of the Beats again with a black gold color scheme. This is probably the only reason we can tolerate you buying Beats. In addition to headphones, this limited-edition series also comes with black gold-tone in-ear earphones and capsule Bluetooth speakers.

B&O BeoPlay H6

Sale: $588

Style Tag: Luxury material, the ultimate style, the most beautiful and beautiful.

B&O BeoPlay H6

Someone used to describe Sennheiser’s “big girl” in “the best sound quality in the headphones, and the best in the sound quality headphones” – we can only say that the budget is less than 2,000 ¥, it is established. Once the budget is released to around 3,000¥, the Danish high-end audio brand B&O will sneer: talk about design, fight hard, you also match? This is not arrogant. We will not talk about the long history of brand history, just take a look at the design details of the 2013 new H6, I believe you will strongly agree.

The metal part of H6 is made of anodized aluminum, which is polished and delicate. The earmuffs are soft and comfortable sheepskin, and the inner memory foam is used to best fit the various auricles. The head beam is made of more durable leather. With the official propaganda “Years will only give it a layer of luster” instead of letting it wear out; the drive unit has no bass port and is designed with a closed neodymium magnet (simply the most magnetically advanced high-quality permanent magnet alloy); In addition, an aircraft adapter is also included. In terms of function, H6 is also ingenious: the headphone cable can be inserted from either side of the left and right headphones.

As for the sound quality, the high frequency of H6 is transparent, clear and open, and the low frequency is not enough. It is suitable for listening to the ethereal and clear music of the jazz girl. H6 has received rave reviews since its launch, and B&O has a lot of official colors. I believe it will satisfy the most discerning eye.

Tips: Regardless of the budget, if this guide only recommends a pair of headphones, it is H6 Bowers & Wilkins P7

Sale: $608

Style Tag: British retro, steady old, omnivorous, sound quality

Bowers & Wilkins P7

As the top model in the series of headphones, the P7 has a typical “British sound” feature, the sound field is wide, the analysis is delicate, and the mid-frequency is rich and fascinating – speaking, it is to listen to all kinds of music, not picky eaters. The headphone cable is also suitable for iPhone. It can be wired and pluggable. Although not so clear, but P7 from the appearance to the connotation, there is a steady and old taste.

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