The best value for money headset in history

The AKG K240 series was born in 1975. Several models have been introduced for more than 40 years. They are known for their comfortable wearing, durable leather, high sound reproduction and ability to be diversified. They are all in the studios of all countries. High, is the favorite choice of many stars big names, and constantly lays the technical tone of AKG Pro’s entire brand of headphone sound effects.

Today, follow me to re-recognize this old family of K240S! Although it is not a new model, as the main force of the 240 families, it still wins the love of countless musicians and enthusiasts.

The K240S is positioned in the monitor level of Studio, but the impedance of 55 ohms and the sensitivity of 91 dB are obviously better than those of the other two brothers’ K240M and K240DF 600 ohms.

The emergence of K240S is the adjustment of AKG’s popularity and rapid advancement of computer multimedia applications and the development of the digital music player market. It can be seen that the birth of K240S is indeed a big hit!

The AKG K240S should be the most classic earphone in the history of headphones. We have seen it in many MVs or photos of stars. It is designed for professional applications such as tuning, mastering and playing music. The advanced XXL transducer is equipped with Varimotion diaphragm technology for wide dynamic range, higher sensitivity, and sound level. The semi-open design provides solid bass and extremely clear treble.


In terms of appearance, there is almost no difference between the K240S and the K240 MKII. The size of the earmuffs and speaker unit is the same as that of the K240MKII. The headstock size, the head joint detail, and the AKG-specific adaptive headband are no different.

The K240S uses a gold ear speaker housing. The cavity of the speaker unit is made of solid metal material. It uses a single-sided cable and can be plugged into a special three-pin interface.


The K240S has the magical positioning of “the most versatile in the earphones in the most fun and stimulating headphones”. It is said that the reference level sound below 1,000 dollar is beyond exaggeration.

Audition performance

Song: Aron Rosand “Carmen Fantasy & Zigeunerweisen”

High-frequency performance: The high frequency of K240S maintains a good resolution, the high-frequency detail is stretched and soft, and the high-frequency upward extension is natural and delicate, and the permeability is greatly increased while maintaining a smooth and smooth feeling. Like seeing the clouds and seeing the blue sky, the air feels better, and the texture of the string friction is followed. The thicker intermediate frequency reproduces the vibrating texture of the violin and the harmonics of the string are one after another, quite nice and enjoyable.

Song: The Phantom of The Opera, the third in CD2, “Notes…-TwistedEvery Way…”

Mid-range performance: The density of the K240S vocals is large and strong, and it is commendable that it is able to hear the layering before and after, and the three-dimensional and live feelings are very good.

Song: “The Elephant” Low-frequency performance: K240S’s analytical power, bounce, and cohesion are very good, and you can hear the texture of t

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