Bose sleep headphones

In order to ensure that everyone can have high quality sleep, Bose sleep earplugs help us isolate some noise that may be noisy in the middle of the night by means of noise and white noise.

This is a very special earphone, it is not used to listen to songs, but to help us sleep better.

From this point of view, Bose is really in the realm of opening up the territory of the audio field, the emergence of Bose sleep earplugs, just like setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Unpacking: 6 types of plugs, suitable for multiple standards

Bose sleep earplugs have a large box and are square in shape. There is a Bose logo on the side. On the back is a section of the introduction: a soothing sound to cover the noise that may occur during sleep, and it can be used for 16 hours at a full time and supports Bose Sleep App control. Open the box, the top layer is the Bose headset and charging box. Below are the product description, user manual, two additional pairs of earbuds, Micro-USB charging cable, charger. Also comes with a storage bag, which is made of flannel and is small and portable. At the bottom of the box, there are 6 power adapter plugs that are compatible with different standards around the world. The battery adapter is wall mounted. Fix the applicable plug on the power adapter and it will work normally.

Appearance: high-quality metal shell, soft and comfortable rubber earplugs

The charging box of the Bose sleep earplugs is made of a matte metal case with gold anodized granules on the surface. It has a delicate touch and is very textured in the hand. The Bose logo in the middle is polished and very bright. The charging box has a Micro-USB charging port on the side and an LED charging indicator on the side. The bottom of the charging box is a single piece of rubber mat that is very stable on the table. Moreover, when you pick up the black at night, it is easy to distinguish between the positive and the negative, and you can open it with a small push of your eyes.

It must be said that the metal texture of this shell is very high-end and exquisite. Holding the charging case in your hand, you can feel the delicate and smooth surface. Gently push the charging box up and there are two Bose sleep earplugs inside. The two earplugs are attracted to the charging box through the two magnetic contacts and are automatically returned when they are put in, which is very convenient. The back of the top cover is some safety certification for the product. At the edge of the charging box, there are 5 LED power indicator lights to remind you how much power is left in the charging box. According to official data, Bose sleep earplugs can provide 16 hours of use, which lasts only 3 hours. It is enough to satisfy the general daily sleep.

It can be seen that the charging box of the Bose sleep earplug is connected with the earphone through two metal contacts, which can be used for charging and also for transmitting data, thereby realizing the firmware upgrade of the earphone.

Bose sleep earplugs are designed with shark fin silicone earplugs with their own patented technology. They are designed to block the noise that hinders sleep. They are available in S, M and L sizes. After inserting into the ear, you need to adjust it slightly, so that the hook can be hung upside down in the auricle, which can achieve a good fixing effect. This earplug is actually very small, and we see more of the outer silicone earplugs. It is worth mentioning that the texture of this silicone sleeve is very soft and comfortable. It uses a higher quality rubber as the raw material, which is very different from the texture of our common silicone sleeve.

When I see it in my ear for a long time, it is natural that Bose’s sleep earplugs are more comfortable and more willing to wear for a long time.

Wearing experience: built-in private alarm clock and soothing sound, I feel the dawn

Somewhat different from active noise reduction, Bose first through the unique structure of the earplugs, plugged into the ear will block some of the sounds for everyone, and we understand the passive noise reduction is almost a meaning. But at night, unlike the daytime, the night that affects us to fall asleep is more subtle swaying, such as the sound of classmates snoring, the sound of walking, the sound of sleeping and turning over.

Bose shields and weakens many of the noise we might hear at night by means of white noise. Therefore, active noise reduction is more suitable for outdoor noisy environments during the day, and noise is more designed to fade the surrounding colored noise at night.

When we download and install the Bose Connect App, we can choose from a variety of soothing sound effects. For example, downstream, it is the sound of the river flowing slowly along the river.

Compared with the snoring on the bed opposite the dormitory, Bose sleep can be said to be the right medicine. After wearing it, I wakes up every morning and can really improve your sleep quality.

There are currently ten similar sound effects in the App, including waves, bonfires, running water, and the wind blowing. Many sounds in the natural environment can be found.

In addition, Bose also set an alarm clock function for this earphone. This is a very special alarm clock. It is not to wake you up through the mobile phone, but to remind you to get up in the earplugs, so that you can get up every day without arguing. people.

Plus the sound that is very soft, so it is very comfortable to get up every morning. It is a wonderful thing to wake up with this earplug.

When we get up, just put the headphones in the charging box and you can stop.

We can also see the remaining power of the headset through the app, including the length of time the remaining battery is used, which we can also see.

In general, the sleep state can be used continuously for 16 hours. If you keep 8 hours of sleep, you can sleep from 10:00 pm to 2 pm on the next day, enough for you to sleep late.

As the originator of noise reduction technology, Bose has developed its own unique cultural label in the audio field. Nowadays, this concept can not only benefit music enthusiasts but also help us improve our quality of life.

If your sleep quality is not very good, often awakened by other sounds, then this earplug can still help a lot.

Bose sleep noise earplugs can bring you a quiet and sleepy night, wake up every day with a soft voice, full of energy all day long. In the morning, I will never be awakened by the sudden “crazy” alarm clock. It is really touching.

Bose Sleepbuds advantages:

1. The earplug sleeve is soft and comfortable.

2, wearing a stable, not easy to fall.

3, the noise blocking effect is excellent, the alarm clock is small, and it will not be noisy to other people.

Bose Sleepbuds disadvantages:

1, can not be used to listen to songs.

2, can not be completely out of the phone.

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